Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy day and big project

So this morning I took my first Diet pill (prescription of course) and for those who have never taken them its like pure speed. Seriously! About an hour after I took it I had the instant urge to get up and do something, anything!! I took my sister's dog on a half hour walk, approx. .25 mile. When the dog was done walking me, I cleaned the whole apartment and then went shopping with my sister. A plus I learned from last time I took them to eat before they kicked in and to take it early so I wont be up all night (I hope!).

That leads me to the big project!! Ashley wanted me to make her a computer sleeve. As you know I've used my sewing machine a total of 2 times before this but I decide to try anyway. At 4pm this afternoon we got back from the fabric store with our supplies and I got to work.
Ashley and her guy argued for about 15min. over how to cut the fabric before I told them how to do it, LOL. I then got to work sewing the pieces together. After my sister and I decided to skip ahead and then found out we did it all wrong! I spent hours with seam ripper in hand. And after 8 hours I can say I did it all by myself and it looks great! Hopefully next time it wont take 8 hours!

NOTE TO SELF: Read patten first, then again. FOLLOW directions don't just wing it, and lastly don't listen to anyone else! They only mess you up.

Here it is, would you buy it? if so for how much?


  1. I love the sleeve; and the fabric's so colorful.

    But really, you had all that energy? Goodness!

  2. For the velcro on the sleeve, have you considered using zigzag stitch? It's stronger and chances of velcro coming apart is less. Also the color of the thread for sewing the velcro kinda jumps out. But your choice of fabric is fabulous!

  3. thanks Jane. My sister chose the thread color. I personally would have used a matching one too. I thought I did use a zig zag stich lol.

  4. Wow!! That is beautiful. I love all the bright colors!! I'm a new follower from FFF MBC. Come by and visit me sometime too if you wish!



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