Thursday, March 4, 2010


So everyone is feeing under the weather here and so neither DH or I have actually left the house to go shopping for food. Hence tonights thrown together dinner of easy mac, penne noodles, chicken, stock and a bag of frozen veggies.

I have to say since it was a last minute thing it wasnt that bad. Bland but not bad. Good thing noone was really hungry so no complaining. A plus side of the sickies - at 7pm both babbies are already in bed asleep. I'll be heading to bed early tonight as well.


  1. Did you try adding season salt? Makes it not so bland.

    Did you see the link to you on my blog today?? :D

    OH and how do you do that "grab my button" thing? I can put my button up but I don't know how to make the HTML show up for others. KWIM?

    And the blog favorite list you have.. it's rolling.. how'd ya do that?

    Sorry for so many questions, help a sista out.. ;)

  2. sorry you're all sick! I agree though, that the early bedtimes are nice, your kids are adorable!

  3. Oh no! Take care and get well soon!

    From FFF at MBC :)


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