Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Natures Toys

Today was one of those rare nice spring days so the children and I took advantage of it. We spent the better part of the afternoon outside.

Which leads me to my post title! Why on earth am I spending 100's of dollars on toys for my children when today they didn't play with a single one.

Instead they played happily with natures toys. Lorelai found hours of fun collecting rocks. We even worked on our counting skills!

While Lorelai napped later Peyton and I took a long walk, well long for him anyway, around the complex. He loved finding new fun nature things to explore. He chased a bird and found his very first pinecone.

Ofcourse now I'm a proud keeper of 2 rocks and a pinecone. Because every little child knows mommy is the only person trusted enough to hold on to your treasures.

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