Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Toy Garden REVIEW

A Toy Garden sent me the Branch Matching Game in a Crocheted Bag for Lorelai. She was napping when the package arrived. After dinner we sat down to play with it and although she hasn't grasped the matching part of the game yet, she enjoyed about an hour of stacking the pieces. I can say she loves it already. She was eager to help put the game away for bedtime at least until Mommy said she couldn't sleep with it. I like that upon first look, you would think that they would be rough but actually the pieces are very smooth and crafted very well. I also love the crocheted bag it came in. It adds just a bit more to the handmade feel to the toy.
Here is what the site says about their product:
Our new Branch Matching Game in a Crocheted Bag is made of selectively cut ash from a homestead in northern Vermont. Each piece is hand-stamped with a non-toxic water-based ink and finished with a food grade quality beeswax finish that is made with organic beeswax and olive oil. This set comes with 20 pieces in a hand crocheted wool drawstring bag (bag colors vary). What fun it is to play a memory/matching game with a young child! Appropriate for ages 2 - 8. Made in the USA.

A Toy Garden offers lots of unique handmade items for children of all ages. A few other Items on my shopping list are:

Teething Doll with Wooden Ring

Don’t they just look so cute? And Peyton is teething so bad right now I just know he would love to snuggle up to one of these new friends.

I also think these dolls are so cute I want one for myself *but will settle with getting one for each of my little huggable angels. Huggle Doll

And lastly I also like these cute cars for my little tough guy. Four Rolling Vehicles
There is so much more at A Toy Garden. I could go on all day about it, I won’t but I do encourage you to take a minute or two of your time and look at what they have to offer.

*Disclaimer: I received this product free for review and received no monetary compensation. All statements are my full and honest opinion.

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