Monday, March 15, 2010

Thinking about Easter

If you celebrate Easter, what do you do? Growing up we always went to church then came home had an egg hunt and got a big basket filled with goodies. I've carried that tradition on with my kids.

Problem is
my children do get candy. Its not like they never get any so dont give me that look (yeah, I'm talking to you) but they are 1 and 2 years old. We trashed the halloween candy mid december and still have the christmas stash. The grandparents supply the candy. I just cant see wasting moneny on candy they wont eat. So there will be no chocolate bunnys or little plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, or god forbid peeps in our home this year. Well maybe one pack of peeps for them to split, but thats it!

BUT now I'm stuck with finding things to stuff in their giant baskets! I've gone overboard the last two years and cannot keep doing that. Otherwise by 16 I'd end up giving them cars. (and I dont think that will fit in a basket, no matter how big it is.) Seriously I think i spent about $100 on each of them last year. Anyway what are some good ideas for fillers this year????

Lorelai's first easter basket:

And Lorelai's last years:

Peyton's first easter basket:


  1. With 3, I can't really afford to put too many store bought items in their baskets. Luckily, my girls still LOVE and appreciate home made things. :) I'm not sure what I'll put in there.. but I'll figure something out LOL. We don't do candy in this house... really at ALL... so that's not an option here either. Good luck!

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