Thursday, March 11, 2010

But its SPRING!

After a week of lovely weather I woke this morning to an inch and a half of snowy slush. ICK!! Its 1pm and still snowing. Just when I had hope that the mud would start to dry and our mountians of show piles would slowly start to melt. (No kidding some are 6ft tall where the plows dumped the snow from our christmas blizzard.) As if the cold I got from the weather change wasnt enough now its like mother nature was just teasing the midwest.

Remember my previous post to mother nature, I was nice. No more, I hate you mother nature!


  1. I'm ready for spring! Ick to snow. Luckily, our weather has been pretty awesome here in MO this week.

    I'm going to blog on Fridays about weight loss. I finally got the third winner up. I will be linking you today, too.


  2. Found you from the new group on MBC. Love the Vivian Lane Jewelry, so of course I entered.:)

    I am running a giveaway too, first one!


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