Monday, March 29, 2010

Wat-Aah! review

Wat-Aah! is on a mission. They want kids (and adults) to avoid unhealthy sugary drinks and make a better choice. Our bodies need water – lots of water. And many people just don’t get enough of it.
Wat-Aah! is packaged in bottles with fun, brightly colored labels. Fun packaging makes this water an easy choice for kids. (Be sure to check out their site, it’s fun and funky too!)

This is water, but it’s extra special. It hasn’t been flavored or sweetened, so it still tastes like water. But each of the 4 varieties has a purpose.

• Body – Pink label – pure spring water.
• Brain – Blue label – ultra-purified water – kid friendly electrolytes
• Bones – Orange label – ultra purified water – bone building magnesium
• Energy – Green label – ultra purified water – energizing oxygen

Wat-Aah! is a fun way to encourage kids to drink more water and less sugary drinks. My little ones are too small to get their own drinks but loved the Wat-Aah I put in their sippys and even asked for more! My husband and I also tried the water and didn’t notice any flavor - just tasted like good water. And I like the idea that they’re getting water and the extras. I will be buying this water is the future!

Wat-Aah has been available in retail stores for those of you in other parts of the country and they are making their west coast debut in April at select Whole Foods stores. Hopefully the Midwest soon after that.

Wat-Aah! is also available on Amazon. A 12 pack for $12.

You can fan Wat-Aah! on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Or on their main site HERE.

I also encourage everyone to take the Wat-Aah! Challenge, learn more about it here.

*Disclaimer: I received this product free for review and received no monetary compensation. All statements are my full and honest opinion.

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  1. as a mom who does not like sugary drinks for my children, i am always looking for drinks i can give to them, in order for them to have variety and me to have peace of mind. based on your review i will be trying this product on my own children. thank you for letting us know about it.


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