Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Do Readers Enjoy Snuggling Up with a Good Book.....about....Snuggling Up? - NY Times

Its been one of those day. The kind where all you want to do is grab a good book, your favorite blanket & pillow, then lounge all day long. After letting my husband take over the chores and kiddo duty I did just that today. It felt great just to sit back and relax.

I ran across this article tonight that I thought was fitting. So I wanted to share.......

So in another interesting NYTimes article, reporter Motoko Rich discusses a humorous study that proves why we enjoy snuggling up with a good book......that may coincidentally be about snuggling up with someone. As a result of our depressing economic times, studies have shown that readers are more apt to choose a book that allows them to escape into a dream world where romance is perfect and everyone is happy. Harlequin Enterprises reported that sales of romance novels were up 32% from this time last year. This increase in romance sales is interesting because of the sluggish market that currently exists otherwise. Rich quotes one lawyer who is an avid reader herself and notes that her philosophy on the situation is that readers enjoy escaping to a world where there is a happy ending because it brings a sigh of relief to their life, unlike their daily involvement with the current depression. Two great attributes of romance novels are: 1) their inexpensive price because romance novels ( avg. $7.99) are typically half the price of an average trade paperback (avg $15.99). and 2) their attractive marketing ploy to consumers. This ultimately means that because romance novels are usually written in sets and sequels, a consumer will usually go on to make further purchases on the rest of the series especially if they enjoy the author and trust their work. Barnes & Nobles also noted that other escapist books such as sci-fi and fantasy are currently popular.
Rich compares the popularity of romance novels to that of the obsessive "Gone with the Wind" days of Margaret Mitchell from history.

Bottom line is why do we want to read books about crime and depression when are living in those times at the present. Everyone wants to have a happy ending. So I ask that the time you are traveling on the train, take a look around at the covers of the books being read around you. Most likely they are positive outcome novels and if not, the reader is probably reading something they "have to" for a certain class or business meeting.

Funny enough my favorite books to devour are romance novels and I've just finished my third one today. I say devour because I read through them so fast and so often. Before moving around a lot I used to have over 500 of them. The hubby got sick of packing and moving them every year so that number has started to dwindle, for now....

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